Alpine OPTIM™8 PXE-C80-88 Sound Processor Amplifier

June 30, 2023

Press Release: Alpine OPTIM™8

Alpine Australia is thrilled to announce the launch of the highly anticipated Alpine OPTIM™8 8-Channel Hi-Res Sound Processor and Amplifier with Automatic Sound Tuning.

This cutting-edge product is set to revolutionize how we experience audio in our vehicles.

Alpine PXE-C80-88 OPTIM™8 Alpine OPTIM8

Built-in 8-channel amplifier

The Alpine OPTIM™8 boasts an impressive array of features, making it a true game-changer in the industry.

With its built-in 8-channel amplifier, this powerhouse can effortlessly power a complete sound system, delivering unparalleled audio quality.

What sets this product apart is its versatility, as it can be seamlessly integrated with both factory and aftermarket radios, providing users with endless possibilities.

Alpine OPTIM™8 PXE-C80-88

Automatic Sound-Tuning Controls

However, the star feature of the Alpine OPTIM™8 PXE-C80-88 lies in its automatic sound-tuning controls, which can fine-tune your sound system in a matter of minutes.

Gone are the days of spending hours tinkering with settings to achieve the perfect sound. With the Alpine OPTIM™8, you can sit back and let the magic happen.

Alpine OPTIM™8 PXE-C80-88

Alpine OPTIM8 - PC App or IOS App for the iPhone

Utilizing our state-of-the-art PC App or IOS App for the iPhone (compatible with iPhone 10 or newer). The Alpine OPTIM™8 PXE-C80-88 App acts as your personal audio guru, guiding you through a series of quick and simple movements.

You can effortlessly take measurements of your sound system by using an external tuning microphone (sold separately) or the built-in iPhone microphone.

This groundbreaking technology is made possible by Alpine's revolutionary Acoustic Power Volume Density (APVD) system.

APVD captures a three-dimensional image of the audio signal within your vehicle's cabin, taking into account any anomalies or acoustic challenges, such as a centre console or steering wheel.

It then intelligently flattens the audio curve, creating a solid foundation for tuning. The user is then able to fine-tune the sound system to their exact preferences.

For more info: Alpine OPTIM™8 PXE-C80-88

Alpine Australia Warranty T&C

Come in and talk to the team at Sound Garage and discuss your next audio upgrade with the all-new Alpine OPTIM™8 PXE-C80-88.

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