Alpine Ships OPTIM™6 Sound Processor

October 24, 2023

Press Release (UNEDITED): Alpine Electronics is about to start shipping the Alpine OPTIM™6, a 6-channel Hi-Res Sound Processor with Automatic Sound Tuning.

Following the launch of the Alpine OPTIM™8, which debuted a powered, 8-channel processor with Automatic Sound Tuning, the OPTIM™6 offers a nearly identical feature set in a smaller, 6-channel configuration and no built-in amplifier. This intentional design positions this product as a starting point for the customer looking to easily integrate and elevate the performance of their factory sound system or be a means to build or add to an amplified aftermarket sound system.

“The competitive edge of the OPTIM™ line is its versatility,” said Gregg Thomas, Director of National Sales at Alps Alpine North America. “The OPTIM™ products are for any customer who walks in the door wanting better sound. The OPTIM™6 furthers this idea by offering an easy integration and sound tuning piece at a more approachable price point.”

In addition to its versatility, the OPTIM™6 continues in the quest to simplify sound processing. A simple, self-guided tuning process via the OPTIM™ IOS app (available for iPhone/iPad) or PC app with the KTX-CSP1 External Mic kit (sold separately) quickly and precisely measures the vehicle’s interior. This innovative Auto-EQ software analyzes the vehicle’s acoustic environment and intelligently adjusts to “optimize” the audio output for the vehicle and provide the best possible listening experience.


Alpine PXE-C60-60 OPTIM™6 6-Channel Hi-Res Sound Processor with Automatic Sound Tuning

  • Hi-Res Audio Playback (96kHz/24Bit)
  • Intuitive Realtime Sound Set-Up with 5 Minute Vehicle Self Tuning
  • Manual & Automatic Sound Tuning with PC App Control
  • Automatic Sound Tuning with iPhone App
  • Anti-EQ for OEM System (Eliminates Factory EQ Curve)
  • Auto-EQ Powered by Eilex PRISM® with APVD Collection, which Quickly Creates a Flat Vehicle Response
  • 31 Band Parametric & Graphic EQ
  • Inputs: 6-Channel Hi-Level / 6-Channel RCA
  • Outputs: 6-Channel 4V RCA
  • Digital Inputs: Coax, USB (DAC)
  • Speaker Input: Up to 30V
  • Compatible with KTX-CSP1 Tuning Microphone (sold separately)

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