Ford FG-X Installation Kit - New Release!

June 1, 2024

πŸ†• Get ready to upgrade your Ford Falcon FG-X with the brand-new installation kit! πŸš™

Prepare to enhance your Ford Falcon FG-X with the latest installation kit available!

Elevate your driving experience with the ultimate sound upgrade for your Ford FG-X.

The Aerpro FP9680PK and FP9680SK Head Unit Installation Kits simplify the process of installing an aftermarket double din AV head unit in your vehicle.

This comprehensive kit includes everything necessary to replace your factory stereo system with a top-quality aftermarket unit, delivering superior audio performance and modern connectivity features.

Retain essential features such as steering wheel control, factory reverse camera, parking sensor tones, and more. Additionally, enjoy climate control and vehicle information display on your new AV head unit. Upgrade your driving experience with seamless integration and enhanced functionality.

With this kit, you can easily customise your audio system, add an Apple CarPlay or Android Auto Head Unit to easily access your favourite apps, and stay connected on the go.

Say goodbye to outdated technology and hello to a whole new level of entertainment and convenience in your vehicle.

Aerpro FP9680PK/FP9680SK Ford FG-X Installation Kit
Are you tired of listening to the same old radio in your Ford FG-X? Upgrade your car's OEM Radio with the Ford FG-X Stereo Installation Kit!
Upgrade your ride today with our latest release! πŸš€
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Aerpro FP9680

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