New Release! Alpine KTX-HF9

January 29, 2021

New Release!

Alpine KTX-HF9

Screen Protectors to suit their Halo9 range of Head Units

If you are affected by sunlight glare or fingerprints on your Alpine Halo9 display, the Alpine KTX-HF9 Anti-Glare Screen Protector is the perfect solution for you.

This self-adhesive film can be easily applied to the display of the iLX-F309E, iNE-F259E or the INE-F409E. It highly improves the visibility of your display by reducing sunlight reflections and fingerprints.

It also improves the overall picture contrast and protects your screen from scratches.

The Alpine KTX-HF9 is particularly recommended for drivers using Halo9 systems.

Contact Sound Garage, we are taking pre-orders now.

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