Now Available - Alpine iLX-F309E HALO9

April 28, 2018

Now Available - Alpine iLX-F309E HALO9

Apple CarPlay/Android Auto Digital Media Player

Sound Garage your Alpine iLX-F309E Halo 9 Specialist and Stockist.

Alpine iLX-F309E Halo 9 is the undeniable king of technology in this age CarPlay and Android Auto

With a R.R.P of only $1299.00 this will make beating this unit a challenge for all other head units.

An ingenious Alpine iLX-F309E Halo9, a world first 9- inch display with CarPlay and Android Auto makes your journey brighter and enlightened.

The floating display availability, at this point you can get the best viewing angles you need.

The Alpine iLX-F309E is the undeniable king of technology in this age CarPlay and Android Auto provide user-friendly in-car infotainment system operating while you are on the road.

Moreover, it lets you easily accessing the smartphone features you love with voice control features.

Online navigation system is also available in many options whether Apple map* and Google map, providing highest degree of accuracy information.

9" Capacitive Touch Screen with 1 DIN chassis

Alpine iLX-F309E Halo9 9" high resolution display Capacitive touchscreen with 1DIN chassis intent designed to perfectly integrate into your car.

Simply and neatly integrating in to your dashboard with specific Alpine installation kit so you can achieve a perfect installation.

Viewing angles adjustment

The key feature of the display is hovering facet that floats over the car’s dashboard. At this point, the screen can be selected at any positions to assist duration installation.

Alpine iLX-F309E Halo 9 Alpine iLX-F903D Halo 9

Works with Apple CarPlay & Android Auto

Alpine iLX-F903D-Works-with-Apple-CarPlay Alpine iLX-F309E-Works-with-Android-Auto


Providing the ultimate and intuitive way of smartphone connectivity with this digital media player via the USB port and then CarPlay and Android Auto automatically appear on display. With this innovative feature, it allows you to access core functions even control navigation, making phone call, massaging, playing music, SIRI, and many group of entertainment apps.

Also, more easily manage everything hands free via voice command in any languages.

*Some features, applications and services are not available in some country*

Navigation via your Smartphone Connectivity

Alpine iLX-F309E-Online-Navigation-with-Android-Auto Alpine iLX-F309E-Online-Navigation-with-Apple-CarPlay

Navigation with Apple map or Google map make your trip a smoother ride. Without taking your eyes from the road, being able to operation by Voice command function enables fully control over all navigation function whether tracking live traffic conditions and finding point of interest.

You can also reach destination on time with a real-time traffic updates.

High-end Sound Tuning Options

A multitude of custom tuning functions proving whether Digital Time Correction, Digital X-Over and Dual 9-band Parametric EQ, and BASS ENGINE SQ create top-level power of advanced sound processing in your car that you couldn't ask for a better. You also get Media Xpander, 24-Bit DAC and 3 PreOuts (4 Volt) as well.

Alpine iLX-F309E Halo 9-High-end-Sound-Tuning-Options

Advanced Sound Tuning Functions:

  • Bass Engine SQ
  • Subwoofer Level Adjustment
  • Subwoofer Phase Select
  • 10 Parametric EQ: Flat, Pops, Rock, News, 
Jazz, Electrical Dance, Hip Hop, Easy Listening, 
Country, Classical
  • Dual HD EQ => Separate Front/Rear Parametric Equalizer adjusting 9-band
  • 6 Channel Digital Time Correction
  • X-Over Setting
  • MediaXpander HD
  • Easy, Step-by-Step Sound Customization
  • Alpine TuneIt App ready


Sound Garage your Alpine iLX-F309E Halo 9 Specialist, Stockist and Installation Centre in the Northern Suburbs of Brisbane.


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