Plex for Android Auto

October 20, 2017

Plex for Android Auto

Let’s face it, cars aren’t exactly known for having great media control interfaces – they are not bastions of exceptional design, introduced to the world by clinically shot product videos starring knights of the British Empire. Rather, they are clunky things we swear at in car rental lots trying to get our phones paired via Bluetooth. Because if we’re honest, smartphones won the war for our attention years ago, and we can’t possibly get from point A to point B without the perfect playlist to help us along the way.

Android Auto Devices

Car companies finally realized this, and they’ve been adding support for things like Android Auto which essentially turn over the keys to your car’s media system and let your phone do the driving.

Android Auto - Chillout Mix

Plex for Android Auto makes enjoying your music easier by seamlessly integrating with your car display. With larger touch areas, a simplified interface, and intuitive voice commands, you can quickly start enjoying your music and safely get to where you need to go. All you need to get started are the Android Auto and Plex for Android apps (a car helps, too). Interact with Android Auto from the app on your phone, your supported vehicle’s dashboard, or by using Google Voice. So, the next time you Office Space yourself into the wrong traffic lane and you’re stuck behind a semi, you can treat your own ears to the soulful sounds of Yakety Sax.

Sample voice commands:

  • Play my ‘If you cut me off I’m going to blast this horn‘ playlist on Plex
  • Play ‘Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley‘ on Plex
  • Play ‘Life is a Highway by Tom Cochran‘ on Plex

Plex for Android Auto will be available to everyone in the next few days. Any vehicle supporting Android Auto can experience music with Plex for Android Auto. Car not supported? You can still use Plex for Android Auto on just your phone’s interface or tablet.

For more information and frequently asked questions, visit Plex Support for Android Auto.

Fine print: Please enjoy responsibly. Keep your eyes on the road, and hands on the steering wheel at all times, unless they’re reaching for gummy bears.

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