Press Release! Alpine F#1 status

June 23, 2021

The long-awaited 3rd Generation Alpine F1Status System is here – providing a total commitment to highest audiophile sound quality.

This system lets you enjoy Hi-Res Audio in the pinnacle of audio specs at a staggering 384kHz 32bit without down-sampling.

This combined system approach and highest spec master clock technology allow users to enjoy their Hi-Res tracks virtually jitter-free in their vehicles.

The AlpineF1Status system consists of a

• Digital Audio Player (DAP-7909) - created in partnership with Astell&Kern

• 1DIN Head Unit (HDS-7909) with full colour display

• 8-Channel Digital Sound Processor (HDP-H900) with the highest processing power ever put into a car-audio DSP, • Class-D Amplifiers (HDA-F900) featuring UltraBlu technology for highest sound quality

• 4-Way Ultra High-End Speaker System (HDZ-9000).

For more info:

This system will be available in October 2021 – Stay tuned for more info.

Alpine F#1 Status: the best and unique car audio device, which offers excellent resolution!!

The highest specs used in music recording studios are 384 kHz / 32 bits. Still, audio sources lose quality when played on a CD or streaming.

High-resolution audio was created to satisfy the listener's desire to enjoy music as originally recorded. Reproducing a high-specific audio source requires advanced reproduction capability and an ideal environment for listening.

The new Alpine f #1 Status system offers this 384 kHz / 32-bit high-resolution audio specification without any down-sampling, thus broadcasting the music tracks as the artist understood them.

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