Command Cruise Control and Speed Limiters are a necessity for today’s motoring environment.

With over 40 years experience in the automotive market Command Auto Group Pty Ltd has been supplying Cruise Controls to the Australian consumer for over 25 years. Each Command Cruise Control (Drive by Wire Professional Series) now includes a Speed Limiter/Speed Alert. For vehicles with Cruise Control included from the factory, Command Speed Limiters are available as a seperate item.

Command Cruise Control and Speed Liniter Professional Series technology under your dash and bonnet provides the best possible engineering. After all - what price can be put on the safety of your family?

Command Cruise Control and Speed Limiters can be fitted to most Australian and imported vehicles (including four wheel drives and light commercials). From Drive by Wire, Electric and Vacuum models, Command Cruise Control and Speed Limiters has all professional options covered.

Command Cruise Control constantly monitors vehicle speed. This enables the driver to concentrate on road conditions and drive in a more relaxed manner. All electronic operations are carried out instantly via software created by engineers who design product for some of the largest OEM clients World wide.

With the increasing prescence of speed cameras. both fixed and moving, there is little chance that drivers will not be apprehended for speeding.

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to speed? Have you ever driven long distances and noticed that the longer you drive, the faster you drive?

Speeding does not pay in many ways:

• Speeding fines • Increased fuel costs • Potential loss of licence

More importantly it is dangerous and illegal. Command Cruise Control and Speed Limiters features prevent:

• Unintentional speeding • Excessive fuel consumption

Command Cruise Control and Speed Limiters offer a more relaxed driving experience.

Command CM35
Command CM30
Command CM22
Command CM7
Command AP900