Alpine HCE-C1100


Alpine HCE-C1100

RCA Rear Drive Assist Camera

The Alpine HCE-C1100 RCA rear Drive Assist camera makes parking and reversing simpler and safer than ever. With cutting-edge technology and full-screen touch operation the user experiences a significantly increased sense of spatial awareness and driving ability.

Manoeuvres that were previously difficult or thought to be impossible can now be achieved quickly through the guidance of your Alpine Multimedia Station.

Featuring astounding picture quality and an enhanced viewing angle of 131˚ horizontal and 103˚ vertical, the Alpine HCE-C1100 is the perfect accessory behind the wheel. Furthermore, is the immaculate image that is displayed, while also providing automatic image adjustment with day and night mode ensuring the picture is bright and clear for the suited environment.

Accessing the camera’s image is quicker than ever, whether it be automatically activated while reversing, or via the convenient touchscreen camera button. What’s more, HDR technology provides crisp and clear vision when in dark environments.

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  • Composite RCA Connection
  • Easy Installation Wiring
  • Automatic White Balance Adjustment
  • Mirror Image (NTSC)
  • HDR: High Dynamic Range Technology
  • Mounting Hardware Included
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 23.6mm x 23.6mm x 24mm
  • Power Supply Voltage
    • DC5.0V ~ DC7.0V
  • Ground System
    • Negative
  • Power Consumption
    • 0.57W (6V)
  • Video Output
    • Composite Video NTSC
  • Output Drive Capability
    • 1V p-p (75Ω)
  • Image Element
    • 1 / 3.7 inches CMOS image sensor screen ratio of 4:3
  • Focus Length
    • F = 1.35mm
  • Aperture
    • F = 1:2.0
  • Angle View
    • Horizontal 131°, Vertical: 103°
    • Auto Adjustment Function
      • Auto White Balance
  • Water Proof
    • IP67
  • S/N 40.5dB or more
  • Resolution (horizontal)
    • 330 Line
  • Pixel
    • 640 (horizontal) x 480 (vertical), about 30 million pixels
  • Illuminance Range
    • 1.5 to 100,000 lx
  • Operating Temperature
    • 30° C  ~ + 70°C


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