Echomaster CA-FLTR Universal Camera Power Filter


Echomaster CA-FLTR

Universal Camera Power Filter

Many vehicles now use Pulse Width Modulation (or ‘CANBUS Controlled’ as people call it) to alert the driver when a taillight is out – this affects the reverse light’s power source which can result in a poor backup camera signal from an aftermarket camera.

EchoMaster’s Power Filter stabilises the signal from the reverse light to ensure that the aftermarket reverse camera gets a solid power output without causing issues to the vehicle's electrics.

What’s Included:

  • Power Filter
  • User Manual
  • Easily connects to reverse light circuit and provides stable power output for aftermarket camera.
  • Stops noise being induced to the camera from the power source.
  • Eliminates need to run extra wires to power the camera
  • Easy add-on to back-up camera installation
  • Works with any vehicle


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