AERPRO APP015 ISO Harness to suit Holden TK Barina Hatch 05-08

Aerpro APP015 ISO Harness

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ISO Harness to suit Holden TK Barina Hatch 05-08

Install made easy

Car radio ISO harness adapters are used to install car radios using standardized ISO connections). This is probably the quickest and easiest way to instantly transform your current car stereo without determining which wire has to go to which. This ISO radio adaptor is a standard connection to help you reduce the chances of doing your car severe damage during installation. There are two sides to the ISO connection process: the aftermarket head unit side and the car-based side.

The Head Unit Side:

Looking at the image on the right, you will see two ISO connections. The first one is the head unit-based side. This is the connection to your head unit. As you can see, you plug one end into your head unit, and then the other is a standardised connection on the other end ( these vary from brand to brand, so make sure you have searched for the right one before you purchase.

The Car side:

The second connection down is the car side. This is vehicle-specific, but again, at one end, it has the standardized ISO connections. On the other, it has the specific connections to the aftermarket head unit directly into your car.

The primary harness is the harness that plugs into your car's main entertainment system connector and converts it into a double ISO connector system (Universal). After selecting your primary harness, you select a secondary harness to connect between the ISO connectors and the aftermarket head unit you have ( this is selected based on what brand and type of head unit you have.

Sound Garage carries both non-steering wheel control type primary harnesses and steering wheel control type.

Aerpro ISO harnesses simplify upgrading a vehicle's head unit by converting the OEM radio plug to ISO connectors.

A brand-specific secondary ISO harness (sold separately) can convert the ISO connectors to suit the aftermarket head unit. In most cases, this makes head unit wiring a simple plug-and-play operation.

Sound Garage carry an extensive range of accessories to help with your installation.


  • Easy plug-and-play solution
  • Converts Vehicles Radio Plug to ISO Connectors

Aerpro APP015 - Specifications:

Suits selected vehicles, including:

  • Daewoo Kalos 2003-2004 T200
  • Holden Barina 2005-2008 TK Hatch
  • Holden Viva 2006-2008


Sound Garage your Car Stereo and In-Car Navigation Specialist

  • Designed for quick, simple and precise aftermarket head unit wiring installation
  • Vehicle-specific plug designed to connect directly to the vehicle's original head unit wiring loom. No need to remove the factory plug
  • Converts vehicle-specific plug to universal ISO connector system
  • Provides a Plug & Play installation solution for aftermarket head units when paired with an Aerpro APP8 Secondary Harness (some hard-wiring may still be required)
  • Secure Clips on ISO connectors to ensure a secure and long-lasting connection
  • Suits various Daewoo & Holden Vehicles
  • NOTES:
    • Suits various Daewoo & Holden Vehicles.
    • When paired with Aerpro APP8 Series Secondary Harness plug-and-play solution, a small amount of hardwired installation may still be required depending on the vehicle and aftermarket head unit type.
  • Daewoo Kalos 2003-2004 T200
  • Holden Barina 2005-2008 TK Hatch
  • Holden Viva 2006-2008


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