Alpine DP-35M Digital Precision DP-Series 3.5″ Component Speaker

Digital Precision DP-Series 3.5″ Component Speaker




Alpine DP-35M

Digital Precision DP-Series 3.5″ Component Speaker

Alpine’s Digital Precision (DP) Series are state-of-art loudspeakers delivering an acoustic performance to match their stunning high-performance inspired aesthetic design.

Precise in their construction, these speakers are composed of a bespoke design machine-finished aluminium cast frame complemented by an elegant backplate housing and an industry-first blue-accented woven carbon fibre hybrid woofer diaphragm. The 3.5″ midrange magnificently articulates vocals and instruments with extraordinary fine detail and stunning musicality. Catering for custom high-end audio system builds the DP-35M gives the flexibility for multi-speaker configurations and upgrading of late-model vehicles with comprehensive factory speaker systems.

The DP-Series are the encapsulation of precision design and atmospheric sound performance.

Woven Carbon Fibre Diaphragm

The woven carbon fibre hybrid woofer diaphragm provides bullet-proof rigidity and is lightweight, this ensures accurate cone velocity and limits distortion to achieve a natural and highly revealing mid-range response, as well as powerful bass extension.

The appearance of this loudspeaker is incredible with performance to match.

Alpine DP-35M Digital Precision Speakers

Alpine DP-35M Digital Precision Speakers

Aluminium Frame and Gold Plated Terminals 

Manufactured with precision, the aluminium frame is rigid for low resonance with 6 mounting points for optimised bass coupling and mid-range response. The machine turned front and stunning backplate cover provide a high-class finish and the gold-plated terminals prevent connection degradation.

Alpine DP653_HAMR

Exclusive HAMR Surround

Alpine’s High Amplitude Multi-Roll (HAMR) surround provides a greater maximum and linear cone excursion for high SPL.

The HAMR surround maintains full control over the cone at any excursion stage for powerful bass and pure sound.



  • Midrange Size: 3.5″
  • Cone Material: Woven Carbon Fibre Hybrid
  • Magnet: Ultra High-Density Radial Ring Magnet
  • Frame: Cast Aluminium
  • Surround: HAMR Multi-Roll
  • Mounting: 4 Point
  • Terminals: Gold Plated
  • Grille: Honeycomb (Included)


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