Alpine KAE-1DPLT - 1-DIN Halo9 Blanking Plate

1-DIN Halo9 Blanking Plate




Alpine KAE-1DPLT

1-DIN Halo9 Blanking Plate

Introducing the Alpine KAE-1DPLT blanking plate, specially crafted to perfectly fill the space left after installing a Halo9 product in your dashboard. Compatible with all Halo9 models, this sleek blanking plate can be easily placed at the top or bottom of the chassis, seamlessly covering the slot for a flawless installation.

This must-have accessory is exclusively designed for the Halo9 product range. It's the perfect finishing touch to complete your Halo9 setup. Please note that this accessory is optional and is not included with the purchase of a Halo9 product. Get ready to take your Halo9 experience to the next level with the Alpine KAE-1DPLT blanking plate!


KAE-1DPLT Blanking Plate for 2-DIN Installation

The Alpine KAE-1DPLT blanking plate makes any 2-DIN installation a breeze with a professional finish. The Alpine KAE-1DPLT fills the void of the 1-DIN space either at the top or underneath when using a conventional 2-DIN dash fascia installation kit.





KAE-1DPLT Blanking Plate Fitment

The Alpine KAE-1DPLT is securely fitted to either the top or bottom of the Halo9 chassis, filling the space regardless of whether the unit is installed higher or lower in the dash. Secured by machine thread screws makes installation of the blanking plate simple and robust.



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