Alpine KTX-H12 12″ Halo Subwoofer Enclosure ProLink™ Kit

The latest additions to the Alpine Halo family with the Alpine Halo Pre-Loaded Subwoofer Enclosures. The Alpine KTX-H12 Halo is the link kit.




Alpine KTX-H12

12″ Halo Subwoofer Enclosure ProLink™ Kit

Add more bass to your sound system with the Linking Kit for Dual 12″ Alpine Halo Preloaded Subwoofer Enclosures, featuring Alpine’s new ProLink™ technology.

Matching System Design

The Alpine KTX-H12 was designed for both function and form. The sturdy metal hardware follows the outline of the enclosure ports and links two Single 12” Alpine Halo Preloaded Subwoofer Enclosures together to create a dual subwoofer-enclosure. To create a seamless installation look, the Alpine KTX-H12 shares the same clean, silver finish as the enclosures and features a stainless steel Alpine badge on the top of the bracket.

Built to Perform

Wadding another Single 12″ Halo Preloaded Subwoofer Enclosure is easy with the Alpine KTX-H12 Linking Kit. Also the Alpine KTX-H12 includes a steel rear link bracket and a front port link brace that mount to the back and front of the enclosures, respectively, for a sturdy, dual subwoofer application.


KTX-H12 Linking Kit 

ProLink™ is unique to Alpine and allows you to link two Halo Subwoofer Enclosures together using the KTX-H12 Linking Kit to create a dual subwoofer-enclosure. Now you have the flexibility in power and price to use a single subwoofer or add another subwoofer immediately if more bass is desired, or gives you the capability to upgrade your bass later-on.

Unique ProLink™ Design 

When you’re looking to make a noticeable impact in your sound system, you add a subwoofer that will bring out the low-end bas of your music. But what if you already have a single subwoofer and still crave more bass? You could throw out your single enclosure and purchase a new dual enclosure or you can build your bass with Alpine’s new ProLink™ technology.
  • Fits the S-SB12V and R-SB12V 12″ Alpine Halo Preloaded Subwoofer Enclosures
  • Heavy-duty steel rear link bracket
  • Heavy-duty steel port link bracing
  • Stainless steel Alpine badge
  • All hardware included


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