Alpine R2-SB12V-4 Next-Generation 12-inch R-Series Alpine Halo Preloaded Subwoofer Enclosure with ProLink™

Next-Generation 12-inch R-Series Alpine Halo Preloaded Subwoofer Enclosure with ProLink™

SKU: R2-SB12V-4



Alpine R2-SB12V-4

Groundbreaking Alpine Halo design with next-generation R-Series Subwoofers for more accurate and authoritative bass.

This new designed ported subwoofer enclosure can be used as a single enclosure or as part of an integrated dual subwoofer system.


Alpine's Halo Series subwoofer enclosures make it simple to add more bass to your system. You will get a great bass response from a single box, and when you're ready to expand your system you can add a second enclosure and the optional linking kit to create a two-speaker system with double the impact.

A subwoofer enclosure that sounds as good as it looks. Alpine’s preloaded, linkable subwoofer enclosures give you powerful performance with the unique Alpine Halo design and ProLink™.

The new 2nd generation Alpine R-Series subwoofers take bass performance to extreme levels, delivering thunderous, ground-pounding bass.

With Alpine’s enhanced sound performance, the Alpine R-Series subwoofers are highly accurate, creating a perfectly matched sound system to Alpine R-Series amplifiers and Alpine R-Series speakers – building an overall cohesive theme with its entire full-range Hi-RES Audio certified system. The Alpine R2-SB12V is designed for amplifier compatibility with 20hm loads.


Alpine’s unique ProLink™ technology was designed with the sound system builder in mind. ProLink™ allows more flexibility in both power and price to start with a single subwoofer enclosure and add an additional subwoofer using a Linking Kit (sold separately) to link two enclosures together to create a dual system when more bass is desired.

Alpine R2-SB12V


The enclosures share the premium, unmistakable design of the Alpine Halo Family. The enclosures pull design cues from the Alpine Halo Display with unique, curved edges outlined by a silver trim and a front baffle for a matching system aesthetic. Built with sturdy, 3/4” MDF construction and covered in a premium black carpet, these enclosures give the impression of a custom look, without the custom work. 

Alpine R2-W12D4


The enclosure comes pre-loaded with the 2nd Generation R-Series 12-inch Subwoofer - Now with larger double-stacked magnets that contribute more motor force for deeper BASS and tighter BASS control from the subwoofer compared to the previous generation. An integrated Faraday ring minimises distortion for cleaner bass output. A kevlar-treated cone ensures durability in the subwoofer for reliable performance, even at higher volumes.

Alpine R2-W12D4


A new Polypropylene/ceramic composite dust cap ensures rigidity while also providing incredible internal damping (Vibration Absorption) to smooth out the BASS response and produce tight BASS. This premium, unique material also has higher heat reliability that ensures non-stop BASS performance.

Alpine R2-W12D4


The 2nd Generation R-Series Subwoofers have retained Alpine HIGH AMPLITUDE MULTI-ROLL (HAMR) surround technology. This rubber surround allows the subwoofer cone to efficiently move air while staying cool, which also contributes to increased output from the subwoofers. This technology allows for 20mm of total cone excursion and motion that creates incredible accuracy from the subwoofer.

Alpine R2-SB12V


The ported enclosures feature an optimised vent and rounded internal port edges that maximise the output performance of the subwoofer, for deep reliable BASS. each enclosure is wired for optimised performance with Alpine's R-A75M R-series Mono Block Power Amplifier.

Driver: The Alpine R2-SB12V loaded enclosure features a single R2-W12D4 12", dual 4Ω voice coil subwoofer driver. The next-generation R-Series driver features a Kevlar-reinforced pulp cone with a polypropylene/ceramic composite dust cap and a High-Amplitude Multi-Roll (H.A.M.R.) surround. The driver also features two large double-stacked strontium-ferrite magnets for increased motor strength and excursion. A custom-designed cast aluminium frame and a dual-flare pole vent optimize airflow for driver cooling. Both 4Ω voice coils are wired in parallel for a single 2Ω connection.

Power Handling: The R2-SB12V can handle 300-750W RMS (2250W peak).

Enclosure: The R2-SB12V's ported enclosure design has been optimized for use with the R2-W12D4 driver, and has been tuned to 35Hz for deep, powerful bass. It features a rigid, heavy-duty MDF construction that's been wrapped in attractive black carpet, with a smooth black finish and silver trim on the front face.

Enclosure Linking (Optional): The R2-SB12V's unique design allows it to be linked to an additional R2-SB12V (sold separately) using the optional KTX-H12 linking kit. This features an aluminium rear link plate and an attractive, steel-reinforced ABS front linking bracket that securely locks the two enclosures together.

Terminals: A single rear-panel terminal cup houses a pair of binding posts for connection, accepting up to 12 ga. speaker wire. Both of the driver's voice coils are wired in parallel for a single 2Ω load.

What's in the box:

  • Ported enclosure loaded with one R2-W12D4 subwoofer driver
  • Warranty information
  • Product registration information
  • Safety notice
  • Includes Preloaded R-W12D4 12” R-Series Subwoofer
  • Ground-breaking Alpine Halo Design
  • ProLink™ Ported Enclosure Design
  • USA Designed for Optimal Bass and Sound Quality Performance
  • CARB-compliant 3/4-inch MDF construction
  • Premium Black Carpet
  • Silver Alpine Embossed Side Logo Badge
  • Brushed Aluminium Finished Metallic Front Baffle
  • KTX-H12 Linking Kit Ready
  • warranty: 1 year
  • Peak Power Handling
    • 2250W
  • RMS Power Handling
    • 750W
  • High-Excursion Overhung Voice Coil Configuration
  • 65.5mm Voice Coil with High-Temp 4-Layer DVC Winding on Aluminium Former
  • Stacked High-Grade Strontium Ferrite Magnets
  • Cast Aluminium Frame
  • Progressive Spider with Reinforced Layer Tinsel Leads
  • Airflow Management & Heat Transfer System
  • Optimised Dual Flare Pole Vent
  • Concealed Mount Gasket
  • Reinforced Parabolic Cone Structure (Pulp/Kevlar & PP/Mica/Talc Dust Cap)
  • High-Amplitude Multi-Roll (HAMR) Surround
  • Dimensions
    • 17” W x 14.625” H x 15” D
  • Dual 4Ω Voice Coils Wired in Parallel for a 2Ω Load (Compatible with R-A75M)
  • 12 Gauge OFC Speaker Box Wire
  • Binding Post Terminal Cup
  • Threaded Subwoofer Mounting Inserts (for reversible subwoofer orientation)
  • Nominal Impedance
    • 4Ω+4Ω Dual Voice Coil
  • 2Ω Impedance Loading
    • (4Ω+4Ω Parallel Circuit)
  • Frequency Response
    • 24Hz-200Hz
  • Vented Enclosure Tuning Frequency
    • 35Hz
  • Sensitivity 84dB


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