Alpine S2-SB8 8-inch PrismaLink™ S-Series Preloaded Subwoofer Wedge Enclosure

  • 8-inch PrismaLink™ Subwoofer system.
  • PrismaLink™ compatibility
  • H.A.M.R surround
  • Durable MDF enclosure
  • Carbon fibre/polypropylene cone
  • Integrated RGB lighting bars




Introducing the revolutionary Alpine S2-SB8 8-inch PrismaLink™

S-SERIES Subwoofer in an all-new wedge-style tuned enclosure!

This cutting-edge design combines style, performance, and expandability to deliver mind-blowing bass with a stunning visual RGB lighting experience.

Alpine S2-SB8 8-inch PrismaLink™ S-Series Preloaded Subwoofer Wedge Enclosure

Alpine S2-SB8 8-inch PrismaLink™ (1)
Alpine S2-SB8 8-inch PrismaLink™ (2)
Alpine S2-SB8 PrismaLINK™

Alpine S2-SB8


Prepare yourself to immerse in the unparalleled fusion of vibrant colors and powerful sound with Alpine's S2-SB8 Prismalink™ 8-inch wedge-style subwoofer enclosure! This powerhouse is skillfully designed to deliver exceptional bass performance and effortless installation in your vehicle.

Moreover, it features an RGB lighting system that can be synchronized for single, dual, or quad-enclosure configurations.

Get ready to elevate your audio experience to extraordinary heights!

Alpine S2-SB8 + iLX-W670A


Effortlessly control the integrated RGBW trim bars with the intuitive Lighting Link control screen on the Alpine iLX-W670 Receiver!
You can easily change the ambience, adjust colours, and switch modes on the Alpine S2-SB8 8-inch PrismaLink™ enclosures with a simple touch.
Another key point is that whether you're setting the perfect vibe for either a late night drive or boosting the atmosphere of a weekend getaway. This interface not only allows you to modify your lighting experience but it does so with not only precision but also ease.
Get ready to take your lighting game to the next level!

Alpine KTX-LK8 - Alpine S2-SB8 8-inch PrismaLink™


Enhance your bass output to new heights with the connection of multiple Alpine S2-SB8 8-inch PrismaLink™ Subwoofer Enclosures using our innovative linking brackets. Take your sound system to the next level by joining three, four, or more enclosures with multiple linking brackets. This flexibility allows you to modify your sound setup precisely to satisfy your bass desires. 

Performance & Value

Experience the incredible power of the Next-Gen 8” S-Series Subwoofers!

With an impressive power handling of 300W RMS and a peak power handling of 900W, these subs deliver unmatched performance value. Featuring a wide frequency response range of 23Hz to 215Hz and a sensitivity of 83dB (1W/1m), get ready for powerful and accurate bass reproduction across all your favorite music genres. Elevate your sound system to the next level with the Next-Gen 8” S-Series Subwoofers!

HAMR Surround

Next-Generation S-Series Subwoofers featuring Alpine's cutting-edge High Amplitude Multi-Roll (H.A.M.R.) Surround Technology!

The rubber surround helps the subwoofer cone move air smoothly while maintaining ideal temperature control. Get ready to be amazed by the unmatched accuracy and performance of these subwoofers, boasting an impressive 13mm of one-way excursion!.

You will experience Bass like never before with the Alpine S2-SB8 S-Series Subwoofers!

Enhanced Punch

Get ready to experience the ultimate in sound quality with the Next-Gen Alpine S2-SB8 Subwoofer!

The expertly crafted cone made from a lightweight yet durable combination of carbon fiber and polypropylene! This innovative design ensures strength and durability while remaining lightweight for easy transport and handling. This innovative design ensures that you will enjoy powerful bass and crystal-clear audio like never before.

Elevate your listening experience with the Next-Gen S-Series Subwoofer! This innovative design delivers deep bass that elevates the depth and richness of your music listening experience.

12 Month Warranty as per Alpine's Terms and Conditions

  • Preloaded S2-W8D4 8” S-Series Subwoofer  
  • Sealed Wedge Style Enclosure Design  
  • RGBW Multi-color Trim Bar Lighting with IR Remote included
  • Lighting Modes:12 Static Colors, 4-Dynamic Modes
  • Multi-Link Capable (Link 2 or more enclosures together) 
  • Lighting Link Control via iLX-W670 Head Unit
  • Carbon Fiber / Poly Propylene Subwoofer Cone
  • Lightweight Construction, High Output, Low Distortion  
  • Enhanced “Punch” and Accurate Bass
  • High-Amplitude Multi-Roll (HAMR) Surround for High Excursion
  • Compatible with the KTX-EBKT Mounting Brackets
  • Compatible with the KTX-LK8 8” Linking Bracket for Multi-Link Application
  • Enclosure Dimensions: 12.5” (W) x 11” (H) x 9.25” (D)
  • Power Handling: 300W RMS / 900W Peak
  • Nominal Impedance: 2Ω
  • Frequency Response: 35Hz - 215Hz
  • Sensitivity: 83dB
  • X-Max (1-Way): 13mm
  • Voice Coil: 1.4”
  • Magnet Weight: 34oz
  • Dual 4Ω voice coils wired in parallel for a 2Ω load


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