Easy Installation

The new BlackVue B-112 Power Battery Pack boasts easy installation for any user. Simply plug the system into your cigarette lighter and the battery will charge as you drive. If you drive a total of 1 hour per day, the battery will be charged to full capacity.

Hassle Free Operation 

The BlackVue B-112 recharges while you drive by drawing power from your cigarette lighter. It will then use this stored power to run your dash cam when you're parked. 1 Hour Charge = 12 Hours of Running Time (DR650-1CH)

Charge Your USB Accessories

Now you can charge your 5V USB accessories such as a smart-phone or mobile 4G hotspot on the BlackVue B-112 device. The system comes with 2 USB connectors.

12V and 24V Compatibility

As the BlackVue B-112 is now 12V & 24V compatible, the system can be used in all vehicles including commercial trucks and vehicles that use a 24V system.


Power Your BlackVue In Parking Mode 

With the BlackVue B-112 Battery or the Power Magic Pro, you can be rest assured knowing you will be protected in Parking Mode by your dash cam.
Which one do I choose? The BlackVue B-112 is a better option for Parking Mode, as it charges when you drive and uses a separate battery to your vehicle's. This means when your car is off, your dash cam will not be drawing power from your car's battery. This prevents any life loss of your car's battery and ensures you will receive a certain amount of recording time (up to 12hrs) every time.

BlackVue B-112 Battery Specifications:

Model Code   B-112
 Battery Capacity   38.4 Wh  /  3,000mAh / 12.8V
 Input Charging Power   9Volts - 24Volts ~ 7A
 Charging Ampere Options   6.5 Ampere (A) (switch selectable)
 Charging Time   1 hour (Cig Plug)
 Usage time (discharging)   DR650GW-1CH = 12Hrs  /  DR650GW-2CH = 6Hrs
 Battery Type   Lithium-iron (LiFePo4) Samsung
 LED   Built-in LED (Indicates Status / Charging or Full)
 Dimensions   Black 128mm x 102mm x 50mm  (compact)
 Weight   ~550grams
 Operating Temperature   -10 ~ 60'C (Celsius)
 Country of Origin   Korea (South)
 Warranty   12 Months in Australia


What's in the box?



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