MTX Audio IP863 3-way Component Speakers

3-Way Speaker System

SKU: IP863



MTX Audio IP863

ImagePro 3-Way Speaker System

To The Next Level

The MTX ImagePro 3-Way Speaker Systems stand out as a unique and innovative car audio speaker system. Unlike traditional speaker systems that are mounted next to your legs, the ImagePro system eliminates all limitations to truly experiencing your music in your car.

MTX has meticulously designed the ImagePro speaker systems to be positioned at ear level, ensuring that you can capture all the intricate details and achieve optimal sound staging in your vehicle. Experience unparalleled audio quality with the MTX ImagePro 3-Way Speaker Systems.

6.5" Carbon fibre woofers deliver exceptional low-frequency sound reproduction.  
Combination midrange and tweeter can be positioned anywhere in the vehicle to maximise imaging  
Tweeter adjustment up to 270 degrees


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