New Release! Alpine R- Series & S-Series Amplifiers

March 12, 2019

R-Series Speakers and Amplifiers

The Alpine R-Series lineup is “The Loudest Family on the Block.” The products are designed to be played loud, delivering a fun and exciting listening experience, and are known for dependable performance and high-quality sound. 
The Alpine R-Series speakers have been designed from the ground up utilizing an Alpine exclusive cone technology, CFRP: Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer.

This high-strength, yet lightweight material is formed so that its fibers align in the same direction as the curve and shape of the cone, thereby reducing resonant peaks. As the ultimate balance of light weight and rigidity, CFRP increases the speakers’ mid-bass performance and dynamic range. In addition, CFRP is used as a tweeter diaphragm, enabling the system to perform up into the 45kHz range, making the speakers compliant with High-Resolution Audio playback.

The woofers have a larger 35 millimeter (mm) voice coil for increased motor control over the bass output. The R-Series speakers incorporate Alpine’s patented High-Amplitude Multi-Roll (HAMR) surround, for control and accuracy. Overall, the R-Series speaker is smaller, making them ideal for tight installations and use matching speaker grills that are shallower as well.

The crossover on the component models uses an in-line, passive design with a reduced footprint, which also contributes to easier installation.

There are four new R-Series speaker models:

• Alpine R-S69C.2 6x9-inch Component Speakers

• Alpine R-S69.2 6x9-inch Coaxial Speakers

• Alpine R-S65C.2 6.5-inch Component Speakers

• Alpine R-S65.2 6.5-inch Coaxial Speakers

With the latest intelligent amplifier platform originally introduced in the X-Series, the new R-Series amplifiers have now been engineered to take full advantage of this incredible, new technology.

They feature a smart and simplified circuit design along with dual feedback loops which produces incredibly accurate sound while minimizing some of the quality deteriorating attributes like excessive phase shift and internal noise.

The Alpine R-A60F delivers only 46-degrees of phase shift, compared to well over 100-degrees of phase shift by competitive brands. This superior phase curve ensures proper sound stage amongst singers and instruments. Along with this musical accuracy, the new platform has increased dynamic range which allows the amplifier to be Hi-Resolution Audio compliant. 

There are two new models:

• Alpine R-A60F 4-Channel

• Alpine R-A75M Mono.

Both amplifiers were designed to match perfectly with the R-Series subwoofers (12, 10 and 8-inch sizes available) and the new R-Series speakers.

S-Series Amplifiers

Three new S-Series amplifiers join the S-Series family, known for reliable performance and value-oriented products. All three amps contain technology currently implemented in R and X-Series models.

They boast a small footprint of only 11.25” W x 8” H x 2.25” D for the 5-channel model, with the other two models measuring at just 8” W x 8” H x 2.25” D. Along with Alpine’s new intelligent amplifier platform, they feature an improved heat sink and protection circuit design that eliminates thermal shut-down, for dependable music playback.

Performance specs include a 105dB Signal-to-Noise (S/N) ratio at rated power and a damping factor of >1800 on the mono amplifier, and just 46-degrees of phase shift. Even with these improvements over the previous models, the S-Series amps still boast attractive prices and are designed to perform perfectly with the existing Alpine S-Series speakers and subwoofers.

The three amplifiers available:

• Alpine S-A60M Mono Amplifier

• Alpine S-A32F 4-Channel Amplifier

• Alpine S-A55V 5-Channel Amplifier

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