Stinger introduce a new Acoustic Treatment to enhance speaker performance.

June 11, 2019

The team at Sound Garage are always looking at ways to get better sound out of each vehicle we work on. 

In this 2012 Subaru STi, we're using the new InstallPRO IPBU65 Baffle kit from Stinger to optimise the sound out of these Focal ES165K component speakers.

The InstallPRO IPBUS65 is the latest speaker acoustic treatment from Stinger Australia. 

These new silicone baffles from InstallPRO are tested and proven to enhance your speaker's performance, with less cancellation, giving more sound clarity. 

At $69 a pair, they're a great investment in your speaker's overall performance. 

Contact us for more info: (07) 3482 3861 

For more info:″-speaker-baffle-kit/

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