Uniden announces a new range of Smart UHF's

August 17, 2021

Uniden announces a new range of Smart UHF's.

With the introduction of their new XTRAK range of Hand-held and vehicle-mounted smart UHF systems.


  • Designed and Engineered in Japan
  • Large Anti-Glare OLED Display with Dimmer
  • 2-Watt Remote Speaker Microphone
  • Magnetic Microphone Mount
  • 80 UHF Channels
  • Open / Group Scan with Priority Channel Watch
  • 5-Watt Maximum TX Output Power
  • 12 / 24 Voltage Suitable for Any Vehicle
  • External Speaker Jack
  • Voice Scramble
  • Dedicated Instant Replay Key:
    • Replay up to 6 Minutes of Received Transmissions

Introducing the Latest in UHF Communication with the  New Flagship in the Uniden Range. The New UNIDEN XTRAK 80 Pro is a Smart UHF Radio the latest in UHF Communications from the world leaders in wireless communication.

The XTRAK series in-vehicle UHF radios are App-enabled – giving you the ability to location tracking on your radio through the XTRAK Bluetooth App. What makes the Uniden XTRAK so special is the location sharing can be done with the Uniden range of XTRAK Pro UHF handheld radios so location sharing is limitless and not just in a vehicle.


Talk to a friend or colleague and know exactly where they are, by using the App’s advanced positional tracking and location sharing features as part of the XTRAK App on your smartphone when connected to your  UHF Radio.

Whether in another vehicle with the XTRAK 80 Pro or on foot with XTRAK 50 Pro, you’ll never be out of contact and always be able to communicate and establish your exact position, as Uniden’s location tracking works between the in-vehicle and handheld UHF radios, ensuring both locations are accurate.

The XTRAK series has a large, high contrast anti-glare OLED display and the backlit keypad on the in-vehicle UHF radio is clear and easy to read in all lighting conditions. It also contains a Powerful integrated 2-Watt speaker and 4 level voice enhancer to enable maximum sound clarity in noisy environments. And the XTRAK series connects through Bluetooth to your car audio speakers.

Uniden’s innovative one-touch instant replay allows you to record and replay up to 6 minutes of recently received communications … meaning you won’t miss any important transmissions. And a Smart Key allows you to toggle between instant channel, call tone, or equaliser. The Magnetic Mount is quick, easy, convenient, and secure to hold your speaker microphone.

Pairing with the Bluetooth XTRAK App, available for iOS and Android, is simple and immediately enables advanced positional tracking and location sharing with the UHF radio. The XTRAK series uses only one app which gives you access to settings controls on the radio, allows you to manage Selcall* contacts and extra receive channels, as well as sending in-App text messages.

Uniden’s reliability and experience in UHF make this unit ideal for the professional who needs to keep in touch with the outside world. The XTRAK series offers the finest components, engineering, and styling, just what you would expect from Uniden.

If you are after the best then no look no further than the XTRAK series of SMART UHF Radios to keep you connected.


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