Alpine LC70-R269P LandCruiser 76 & 79 Series R2-Series Premium Design Sound


AlpineLC70-R269P R-Series

LandCruiser 76 & 79 Series R2-Series Premium Design Sound

Door Pods & Speakers Kit To Suit Toyota 70 series LandCruisers

HJ79 Dual Cabs and HJ76 Wagons 

Are you tired of the factory OEM 4-inch speakers? Then this is the kit for you.

For all Toyota 70 Series Landcruiser enthusiasts who want to take their in-car sound to the next level, Alpine’s premium sound solution has been engineered to provide rock-solid durability and good looks, with amazing sound and clarity.

Equipped with Alpine’s huge R-Series 6×9” speakers front and rear, experience punchy, concise bass as well as uncompromised sound performance and richness possible through Hi-Res Audio certification.

Perfect Integration

Alpine’s premium sound upgrade for LC70 Series (Dual Cab) is the complete audiophile and lifestyle solution. The huge 6×9-inch R-Series speakers both front and rear not only sound great but also provide clean and concise bass performance. Alpine’s LC70-R269P combines rugged looks with subtle design cues from the vehicle itself to create a factory-look product for the 21st century.

Comfort and Convenience have not been forgotten. Up front, the Alpine LC70-R269P houses drink compartments capable of holding a 1.25-litre bottle to a 375ml can – including large pockets to house maps, tablets, or books. To the rear, drinks up to 600ml can also be carried. For technological needs, there are USB charge ports both front and rear allowing the charge of up to 4 devices at once. Built-in puddle lights also help light the way, assisting vehicle exits in unfamiliar situations.

Light Up The Outdoors

Avoid getting messy in the mud. Alpine’s puddle light is designed for all your outdoor adventures, illuminating the ground underneath and drawing attention at night. Never have to worry about muddy puddles again, as the ground will be lit up in style.

Formed from injection-moulded and highly-resistant PC/ABS polymers, each part is highly durable and structured to withstand almost anything life throws at it. The sleek yet tough design of the Alpine LC70-R269P elevates the interior aesthetic whilst honouring the rugged history of the vehicle itself.

The Alpine LC70-R269P is the pinnacle of sound performance, design and practicality. A must-have accessory to the ultimate 21st-century off-road lifestyle.

Highly Durable Tough Grille 

Without compromise, these flush-fit integrated speaker grilles have been engineered from a strong PC/ABS polymer blend, ensuring high durability and abrasion resistance. A high-gloss black Alpine emblem adorns the grille, providing a striking contrast and premium finish to each door.

Built to enhance your Audio experience on those long road trips or make the daily slog more bearable.

Carry Your Life With You

Alpine’s design for the LC70 Series integrates a number of convenient necessities. Meticulously designed to accommodate both large bottles and small cans, as well as maps, tablets and almost anything else that will fit. Alpine’s 70 Series speaker solution is ready for your next adventure.

Elevate your factory audio system to an entirely new level with Alpine’s ‘direct-fit’ premium speaker upgrade to suit Toyota 70 Series Landcruiser.

Exclusively designed by Alpine, the tweeter housing achieves superior sound quality and optimises staging and imaging. With its striking appearance and premium finishes inclusive of a machine-finished metal Alpine emblem and ornate black chrome ring accent enhances your in-cabin aesthetic.


Premium Design Tweeter Housing

Premium audio never looked so good. The bold, yet the ornate design of the tweeter housing is made to replace OEM panels on the dash which elevates the interior aesthetic and optimises the tweeter axis for superior sound quality.



Premium Designed Door Pods

These door pods have been meticulously designed to sound brilliant as well as enhance your Landcruiser's cosmetic appeal. Included in the design are a 12v USB Charging socket, puddle lights, a drink bottle holder and large pockets.

Speakers are the very popular Alpine R2-S69C R-Series 6x9" Component Speakers.


USB Charging Ports

The onboard USB inputs sit discreetly yet elegantly within the speaker pod design, allowing up to 4 devices such as a tablet or smartphone to charge at any one time.



Rear Doors.

The rear door pods also house timbre-matched Alpine R2-S69 6x9" Coaxial Speakers. to complement the front speakers. Like the front doors, these pods feature a 12v USB Charging socket and a drink bottle holder.

Moreover, the Alpine-engineered and manufactured high-quality speaker housings ensure uncompromised sound performance with precise installation to your factory door cards. 

With over 50 years at the forefront of OEM and aftermarket mobile electronics, Alpine Electronics needs no introduction and are renowned for its industry-leading design and innovative technologies.

Alpine has answered the call for a properly sorted solution to the problem of the average OEM Audio system, this solution will give you a full Hi-Res Audio experience and look good doing it. 

The All-new R-Series Speakers

Alpine’s Legendary R-Series Speakers enter the 3rd generation and are designed with innovative materials to deliver more output and sound simply amazing. You can choose between a professional and standard speaker line to fit your desired sound quality and budget.

If you play your music loud and want others to know, the R-Series speakers are the match for you. You’ll enjoy a centre sound stage with speakers that play loud and clear without distortion. The R-Series speakers are tuned with an emphasis on the high- and low-end frequencies, so they deliver power while naturally producing bright, active sound. They are the perfect power and performance match for the R-Series subwoofers and amplifiers.

The all-new 2022 line-up of R-Series speakers are all Hi-Res Audio certified and features a frequency response up to 40kHz. For the first time, the R-Series line includes a 3-way system and you can even choose from a Professional and Standard speaker line.


Hi-Res Audio Certified Hard Dome Tweeter

The all-new magnesium hard-dome tweeters deliver clear, detailed music reproduction and play up to 40kHz (Hi-Res Audio). 


Glass-Fiber Reinforced Cone

The door woofer features an all-new glass-fibre reinforced cone. This material is very stiff and extremely lightweight, resulting in a super-fast response and highly accurate music reproduction.


Exclusive HAMR Surround

Alpine’s High Amplitude Multi-Roll (HAMR) surround provides a greater maximum and linear cone excursion for high SPL. The HAMR surround maintains full control over the cone at any excursion stage for powerful bass and pure sound.


Composite Basket and Large Magnets

The standard models (R2-S69C, R2S65, R2-S69C and R2-S69) feature composite baskets (in comparison to the Aluminum die-cast baskets of the PRO models) – which makes them more affordable. They fit larger magnets than in previous generations (while maintaining the same mounting depth).

High-Pass X-Over Network

These small X-Over networks are very easy to install – in many cases you can keep the original wiring in the vehicle’s doors by simply putting this network in, saving lots of time during installation. You can adjust the tweeter level by -3dB / 0dB / +3dB.

Extended Dynamic Range for Hi-Res Audio

R-Series speakers are engineered to achieve an incredible extended dynamic range and Hi-Res Audio certification. With upper harmonics played right up to 45kHz, you can experience sound like never before, faithful to the original recording.

Package part numbers LC70 – R269P include:  

  • Box 1: Pod package Front/Rear cards, tweeter pods, 4 Door USB leads/ power distro, and puddle lights
  • Box 2: Type - R-Series 6x9" 2way Component Speakers (R2-S69C)
  • Box 3: Type - R-Series 6x9" Co-axials (R2-S69)

IMPORTANT NOTE: While installation instructions and templates are provided, the installation of this product is difficult and should only be carried out by highly experienced personnel.

  • 16 x 24cm (6×9”) Door Woofer (2pcs) / 4.3cm Hard-Dome Tweeter (2pcs)
  • Composite Baskets (Door Woofer)
  • Magnesium Hard-Dome Tweeters (Flush-Mount / On-Dash Mounting Options)
  • Glass-Fiber Reinforced Cone (Door Woofer)
  • High-Pass X-Over Networks
  • Included Speaker Grills

Rear Speakers:

  • 16 x 24cm (6×9”) Door Woofer (2pcs) with Integrated Coax Tweeters
  • Composite Baskets (Door Woofer)
  • Magnesium Hard-Dome Tweeters
  • Glass-Fiber Reinforced Cone (Door Woofer)
  • Integrated X-Over Networks
  • Included Speaker Grills

Front Speakers:

  • Maximum Peak Power: 300 Watts
  • Maximum RMS Power: 100 Watts
  • Nominal Impedance: 4 Ohm
  • Frequency Response: 60Hz-40kHz
  • Sensitivity: 88dB SPL (1W @ 1m)
  • Woofer Mounting Depth: 7.6cm
  • Woofer Cutout Diameter: 14.9 x 22cm

Rear Speakers:

  • Maximum Peak Power: 300 Watts
  • Maximum RMS Power: 100 Watts
  • Nominal Impedance: 4 Ohm
  • Frequency Response: 60Hz-40kHz
  • Sensitivity: 88dB SPL (1W @ 1m)
  • Woofer Mounting Depth: 7.6cm
  • Woofer Cutout Diameter: 14.9 x 22cm

This Perfect Fit Solution has been made to suit the following vehicles^:

Model Year
Toyota HJ79 or HJ76 Landcruisers 2009 Onwards 


^The above table is only an indication of the vehicles that the kit may be installed into and is subject to change without notice. Please seek the advice of an Authorised Alpine Dealer before purchasing any perfect-fit solutions to ensure your vehicle is compatible with the installation


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