ALPINE SPC-600G7 Volkswagen Subwoofer System

Powered subwoofer to suit select models in the Volkswagen range.

SKU: SPC-600G7




Volkswagen Subwoofer Solution

6.5″ Sealed Subwoofer

Alpine introduces the SPC-600G7 a 6.5 inch sealed subwoofer.

This subwoofer system is specially designed to fit perfectly into the spare wheel compartment of various Volkswagen models.

The subwoofer system comes ready to install including a 250W peak power subwoofer in a round sealed enclosure. Also included is a super compact 150W max power amplifier, as well as a cable harness to connect the system to the car radio via its RCA output.


This Perfect Fit Solution has been made to suit the following vehicles:

Model Year
Golf VI (5K)(Limousine)* 2008-2012
Golf VI (5K) (Variant)* 2009-2013
Golf VI (5K) (Cabriolet)* 2011-2016
Golf VII 2012>
Beetle* 2011>
Passat B8* 2015>
Polo 6R/C* 2014>
Scirocco 3* 2008>

*Styrofoam holder for tools need to be removed

Electrical connection may require minor adaptation

Cars with full spare wheel can be equipped, but spare wheel does not fit anymore.


  • 6.5″ sealed Subwoofer (250W Peak Power Handling)
  • Amplifier (150W Max Power)
  • Wiring kit for Pre-Out connection
  • Programming dongle
  • Mounting parts
  • Power/Signal Harness



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