Kenwood DMX9720XDS 10" Apple CarPlay/Android Auto/DAB+ Receiver

  • Floating 10.1” 1280 x 720 HD Monitor
  • Apple CarPlay Wireless and Wired
  • Android Auto Wireless and Wired
  • DAB+ Digital Radio



Kenwood DMX9720XDS

10" Floating HD Touch Screen Head Unit

Apple Car and Android Auto

  • 10.1" High Definition Monitor with Capacitive Touch Panel
  • Floating Panel Mechanism with 3-way Position Adjustment
  • Wired & Wireless Apple CarPlay™
  • Android Auto™ & Android Auto™ Wireless
  • High-Resolution Audio Wireless
  • Wireless Mirroring for Android
  • Built-in DAB+ Digital Radio Tuner and Built-in Bluetooth
  • 4 Camera Inputs
  • HD Front/Rear Camera Ready
  • 3 Pre-outs 5V

The Kenwood DMX9720XDS mixes user-friendly features with a high-quality design and premium sound. Its 10.1inch anti-reflection HD touchscreen has an intuitive, customisable interface that’s the gateway to its extensive talents, including wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration, dual smartphone connection, and support for up to four cameras for a full-angle view.

The Kenwood DMX9720XDS is one of the most impressive AV receivers in the entire Kenwood range and defiantly the LARGEST SCREEN in their line-up. Also, the Kenwood DMX9720XDS offers an amazing in-car experience and gives you the ultimate smartphone connectivity for both Apple and Android users.

It features the latest smartphone tech such as wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto (via USB), which allows you to connect your smartphone and then view and control all of your favourite apps right on the big screen.

With simple touch operation or voice controls thanks to Siri and Google Assistant, you can stream music, navigate with maps, make and receive calls, or read and send SMS messages all while you’re on the move.

Kenwood also includes wireless mirroring for Android smartphones, making it quick and easy to share your content with other people in the car. When it comes to audio, the feature-packed DMX9720XDS has dual-Bluetooth, dual-USB, DAB+ digital radio, and high-resolution wireless audio.




The AAS display technology of the LCD panel assures you a wider viewing angle of 170° for both horizontal and vertical directions. Together with the protective film which minimises reflection and glare from sunlight, you can enjoy clear images even from the passenger or back seats.







The 10.1" home screen is composed of a Driving Widget as well as a Source Control Widget overlaid on the background. You can move the Driving Widget from side to side or enlarge the Source Control Widget to optimise the screen for your intuitive operation. The Driving Widget allows the selection of a clock, compass, or equaliser setting, etc., while the background allows selection of album art, audio visualiser, or photo.



A fully adjustable display allows you to change the depth, height, and angle for easy vehicle fitment.
Forward / Backward 20mm
Up / Down 39mm
Tilt: -10°/ +45°


Safe, Smart and Comprehensive Control with Apple CarPlay™

Apple CarPlay™ is a safer way to use your iPhone in the car. Simply talk to Siri or touch the receiver’s display to get directions from Apple Maps, make phone calls, listen to voicemail, send and receive texts, and listen to music from Apple Music or your favorite 3rd party streaming service like Spotify, all in a way that allows you to stay focused on the road. With the latest iOS version (iOS 12.0 and higher), 3rd party navigation apps like Google Maps and Waze are also supported.
New KENWOOD Wi-Fi receivers now support Apple CarPlay™ wirelessly (compatible phone required).


Android Auto for Easy Connectivity

Android Auto was designed with safety in mind, helping you to minimise distractions and stay focused on the road. KENWOOD’s multimedia receivers combine an intuitive voice-controlled interface with a large touch screen and superior sound quality, making it the perfect complement for your in-car life. You can even listen to and control music from your favorite streaming service like Spotify. Navigate to where you need to with Google Maps or Waze.
New KENWOOD Wi-Fi receivers also support Android Auto wirelessly
(compatible phone required).



Wireless Mirroring for Android

Solution for seamlessly displaying and controlling your smartphone apps on a screen without cables on select Android devices.



HDMI Input

Display your smartphone screen or another device via an HDMI cable (and third party adapter as applicable) on the 10.1" monitor.



Equipped with the Intuitive KENWOOD Music Mix

Up to 5 Bluetooth® devices can be connected to the receiver at the same time, allowing you to take turns streaming music with your friends and family.



Dual Phone Connection

While you are connected through Bluetooth, with a touch of a button you can switch between two phones.


KENWOOD Portal App

Display image files stored in your iPhone or Android on the receiver's photo frame widget and/or wallpaper.


High-Resolution Audio Wireless

High-Resolution Audio is high-quality sound that exceeds CD standards. High-Resolution Audio captures and beautifully expresses all the details of your favorite music. Through ultra-high and low frequencies, immerse yourself in a rich and high-quality listening experience.

Selected KENWOOD receivers now support High-Resolution Audio Wirelessly via LDAC. LDAC is an audio coding technology that enables the transmission of High-Resolution Audio over a Bluetooth connection.


Optimal Sound Performance with 13 Band Graphic EQ and Time Alignment

Use the graphic equaliser to tailor the sound quality to your unique tastes. Additional sound staging is available with the Time Alignment feature, designed to provide optimal sound performance.



Parametric Equaliser

You can fine-tune advanced sound properties to achieve professional audio sound quality in your vehicle. It allows you to set parameters of Q factor, slope, frequency, and gain at 14 points separately (Common: 9 / Front: 2 / Rear: 2 / Subwoofer: 1). With adjustments such as high and low shelving filters, more realistic sound can be delivered.











High-Quality Audio Parts Supporting High-Resolution Audio Reproduction

To ensure the best possible sound quality, the receivers use custom-made and carefully selected parts, such as audio quality power supply capacitors, high-quality coupling capacitors. These parts are further optimised through meticulous tuning of the component values and circuit paths.




Playable FULL HD Video and FLAC Files

You can playback from USB devices audio and video files compressed in various formats.

Video Codec Playable up to
MPEG4 1920 × 1080p
H.264 1920 × 1080p
MKV 1920 × 1080p
WMV 1920 × 1080p

USB sources are available on the rear monitor via video output.
The powerful USB provides max 1.5A quick charge for selected Android and 1.0A charge for iPhone.

Music Codec Playable up to
FLAC ~192kHz / ~24bit
WAV ~192kHz / ~24bit
DSD 2.8MHz, 5.6MHz, 11.2MHz / 1bit



Compatible with both the Automotive Data Solutions iDatalink Maestro RR and RR2 (sold separately)* for enhanced system vehicle integration. In addition to providing the seamless factory integration experience you have become accustomed to with the RR, these models feature expanded support when connected to the RR2, including an Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) Widget, Customisable Accessory Controls, and compatibility with specific ESCORT radar detector systems (sold separately).

*Available features vary by vehicle.



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